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It's our birthday 🎂 month... but you get all the gifts🎁!

Plentea Tea Bar
Plentea Tea BarPublished on February 27, 2022

Its our Birthday!!

We officially opened our Parkdale, Toronto location February 16, the past 6 years have been quite the ride! We met many of you in person and we became part of each others lives even if only for the moments we spoke while pouring one of of delicious lattes like the Thai Dragon 😍.

We have gone through a lot; from closing our store in COVID to moving fully online and now we are in the midst of planning a new location ( details coming soon 🤫)

We go through all these changes so we can continue to bring to your cup the best teas you have ever tasted and we are very grateful to have this community as part of our journey!

We are giving back to you this month. New subscribers who subscribe below to any one of our tea box plans from March 1st to March 8th will get a $10 gift card that can be used for purchasing tea accessories at our online store.

We look forward to continuing our journey of great teas for everyone and would love to have you continue be a part of it!

At Plentea we take the guess work out of choosing tea blends and only curate the best for our community of tea drinkers...your tea box will be well loved! Check out one of our brand new blends #BRB which is rich in antioxidant and perfect for the winter season.

Plentea Tea Kits Subscription Plans

The Tea Adventurer's Kit

$37 /month

The Seasonal Tea Drinker's Kit

$45 /(3 months)

The Chai Lover's Kit

$50 /(3 months)

We have just launched two subscription packages that sends a box of our teas once every three months to your loved one or's the gift that keeps giving. Click below for more info Did you know we're very active at communicating with you, our wonderful community? We listen and consider all your suggestions...we are here for you so always feel free to contact us at

Subscribe now and stay tuned for some excited collaborations with other local businesses.

You can easily learn more about the kits here and subscribe to them here.

Your support is always key for small businesses like ours! If you think our box can benefit a friend, neighbour or family member please share our kits with them.

As always we are always accessible to ask questions feel free to email us or DM us on Instagram we will get back to you ASAP.

We encourage you to Make your own New Patterns... go ahead subscribe now.

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