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Pilates Native

Rubecca Martinez Dalton
Colorado, USA

When I started teaching Pilates, the majority of my clients were strong, healthy, active individuals. 

They were marathoners, Ironmen, soccer players, dancers, cyclists, weight lifters & weekend warriors.  They lived, breathed & pulsed movement.  But their bodies were flaring up, giving out, leaving them fatigued with aching backs, sore shoulders, & trick knees.

Pain medication only provided temporary relief.  For the majority, surgeries weren’t medically necessary. In fact, their doctors were prescribing yoga, Pilates & Stretch Therapy.

By working with these otherwise strong & healthy bodies, I learned that without fail, every single one of them needed 4 things: Balance, Core Strength, Proper Form & Rest.

These 4 things are the proactive solution to the flareups, the burnouts, the fatigue & most of those annoying aches & pains.

Like most of you, I came to Pilates through injury.  

Being told not to run was like a death sentence. I just couldn’t stop.  Instead, I started teaching myself yoga from a library book, kept running, & avoided doctors for years. 

After a bad fall, a friend drug me to their chiro & changed my life.  

After fixing me up, the chiro introduced me to the idea that exercise can be used as preventative medicine!  All of those years of patching together self guided yoga sequences had actually kept me running for years.  

I quickly joined my chiro's team, & got certified in Yoga, Pilates & Stretch Therapy. 9 years of teaching later, Pilates Native was born!

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