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Milton, ON, Canada

Welcome to Pilates Difference!

I discovered Pilates after having my second child as a way to recover my body and have some "me time". I experienced much more benefits than I expected from Pilates. Some of them are flexibility, better endurance, leaner body, more body awareness.

Since then I decided to share my passion for movement. I am STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor and FST Practitioner (Fascial Stretch Therapy).

Over 6 years of my teaching experience allowed me to work with various clients, including runners and weekend worriers, pre/postnatal, clients recovering from injuries or after surgery, or people with some type of body limitations/conditions. Pilates helped them to improve the quality of their lives tremendously and move better with less pain or tension.

I'm here to challenge and teach you how to incorporate Pilates as a cross-training to help prevent sports injuries and balance your body so you can enjoy and spend more time doing your favorite sport or other activities and less time rehabbing your injuries!

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