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Newsletter#1: The 5 Steps to Stop Overthinking

Peter Leyland
Peter LeylandPublished on April 09, 2021

The 5 steps to Stop overthinking

Wouldn’t it be great to know that you are in control of your thoughts and your mind?

To no longer tell yourself that you aren’t good enough or to no longer stay up at night worrying about things in your life?

The truth is many people suffer from this trap of not being in-control of their mind and feel as if there is nothing they can do to stop there mind wondering to places that leads them to feel anxious, uncertain, afraid or stressed.

No-one understands how hard it really is!

Peter Leyland Jr had the exact same problem, many sleepless nights, constantly feeling hopeless and a slave to his problems, depressed and even afraid of his own mind, that he’d rather drown the problems in alcohol (And face the terrible hangover) opposed to hearing those thoughts every single night.

However, instead of continuing willfully blind in his misery, he decided to tackle it! And so (Through many tears, talks, and tantrums) came 5 simple, easy to follow, fundamental steps on overcoming the thoughts, fears, and feelings that held him back for many years.

How do I stop it?

• Turn off all distractions – Phone, Music, YouTube, your partner who never stops nagging, all of it!

At first you will be afraid to do this, and as soon as you do this, you will be faced with almost a sense of anxiety… Ignore the unusual sensation of silence and after a few minutes you will soon realize you have the ability to think! Only…

• Don’t Allow your mind to Wonder! – This is the risky part, if you let you brain settle for too long, it will become stagnant and negative thoughts will creep in. Remember your brain isn’t designed to keep you relaxed, it’s designed to keep you SAFE and ALIVE. When there are NO problems… your brain automatically LOOKS FOR PROBLEMS, especially if you don’t focus, so what’s the solution?

• Write down your problems! – “WHAT! The last thing I want to do is think about my problems, now you actually want me to Focus on them?!” Yes… but not in the way you are thinking. You’re going to write down the first 5 big problems that come to your head. Then…

• ‘Sort it out’ – So to speak... Not in a discouraging way, but a strategic (boring) way. Turning problems into admin is a great way to remove the power from them.

Cross out things you can’t control – If you can’t: Influence, effect, amend or improve the problem. Then cross it out. It’s one to face with a structure coach.

Prioritize – Which problem do you need to resolve first? What’s the real issue that is keeping you up! That goes to number 1!

Action – What action can I take right now on the top 1 problem?! Is it someone you can message to resolve a problem or get your VALUE across? Even if it’s something really small, can you take action on it now? If so … do, If not then…

Commit – Write down a date and time you PLAN on finding out the ‘first step’ to resolving this problem. If you don’t know the first step in solving the problem, then the first step you write down is: “Figure out how to solve this problem” adding the date and time.

• Track and Improve – Keep a log of all the things that you write down, prioritize these, and pick an hour every day dedicated to solving the SMALL problems that make up your big problems. Every time you overthink, take notes, prioritize and then the following day, dedicate time to act – You don’t have to spend the full hour, it doesn’t have to be a big task, but make progress.

Firstly, this gets the thoughts outside of your head, no longer is ‘EVERYTHING WRONG’. Instead you know exactly what’s wrong! This, alongside writing a date and time to SOLVE these problems, removes the constant treating about the problems, because you now KNOW, that tomorrow you have set aside time to figure them out. You get more sleep, and therefore a clearer, more energized, and focused mind.

Taking small incremental steps to solve your problems, helps you understand that you are making progress. No longer are they in control of you, but instead, they are simply a mission, a goal, or a journey, you will obtain a new wave of CONFIDENCE and become MORE CERTAIN, removing your anxiety amongst these problems.

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