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Newsletter#2: Why 'those' thoughts

Peter Leyland
Peter LeylandPublished on April 12, 2021

Imagine if the thoughts you had, was really a conversation between two different people who were discussing you whilst you were present.

One entity (Of which you side with, that you believe is right) has your hopes and courage and strength in mind but wishes that you would act and change.

And the other a deceitful, manipulative, and controlling entity, who wants nothing more than you to stay stagnant and suffer.

Now imagine if you could then confront the second person...

Often times we allow our minds to escape us, our fantasies become dark or negative, and then before we know it our thoughts have dragged us so far down, we no longer have the energy to go outside, to stand up, to get dressed. To live…

I don't know how to Stop it!

It's difficult when you are in those dark thought tunnels to actually notice them for what they are.


Lies to keep you from trying new things, from going on wild adventures, taking risks, or even connecting to people the way you know you should be. These daunting whispers become constraints, and before you know it you're chained in a cell of depression, with no escape. Only the crippling reminders that once again, you weren't enough, as if there's no hope.

Once you know how to see these restraints and chains for what they truly are, you soon see, that they are easy to break and that the Cell door is wide open, You have become conditioned because you've never been able to break these thoughts patterns before...It's time we changed that.

What are they? How do I stop them?

Stop being your own Enemy! – There's going to be thoughts coming in constantly. What you must do is 'catch' these thoughts in a log or journal, something you can physically see, at first this will be difficult. But Do It.

Decide to FACE your THOUGHTS –  These same thoughts haunt you every single night, they make you feel weak and pathetic, yet you never actually put up an offensive position towards them, as if you were arguing with someone who you didn't like. Once they are in front of you, Make Their Case CLEAR, understand whether it is a SIGNAL or a LIE for example: 

Thought: No-one cares about me

Evidence to support: No one ever contacts me to see how I am

What it is saying?: I want to feel connected to people who I appreciate

ACTION: Contact those I want to, and remind them why I appreciate them!

What does the above do?– The above Strategy will make you notice, that these thoughts are actually signals telling you that YOU NEED A VALUE MET. These can come in many forms, new adventures, Security, Social Connection, Progression, Purpose, Inclusion, and many more.

But once you have the main thoughts written in front of you, you can start to TAKE BACK CONTROL.

I can understand that slightly, but how to stop them making me feel like i'm not enough?

Overthinking comes from under-acting.

You MUST have a routine! A sleeping pattern, regular diet (So as to not feel anxious and depressed from starvation or lack of energy) but most importantly, you must schedule what you are going to do every single day in order to get these underlying personality needs to be met!

You turn the thoughts from enemies to signals and then you TAKE ACTION on what you need, and you can tell those thoughts "You arewrong!"

There is much more content regarding this concept within Petential, from videos, books, podcasts, and more! If you're struggling with a negative entity within, then make a call! You'll be glad you did!

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