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Peter Leyland
Wigan, UK

Petential is run by Peter Leyland Jr - A personal trainer for the mind.
A two-time best-selling amazon author in Personal Development and applied psychology, podcast host, entrepreneur, and trader has overcome mental health challenges without medication and with a completely holistic approach.

Rediscover inner desire and fulfillment and act on dreams that have long been forgotten. Using proven strategies, behavioral psychology, and Neuro association training you will finally obtain clarity on what it is you want, support in order to get there, and strategies to remove the emotional pressure from taking action.

If you're tired of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or without purpose, then connect today, without change, nothing will change and how would you feel in 10 years if nothing had changed? ... And now imagine if someone had said to you, if you just started right now, today - you could have lived life on your terms.

Take the first step today.

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