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Want to learn about the Neuroscience of Attachment Styles?

Pernille Bülow, PhD
Pernille Bülow, PhDPublished on October 01, 2022


I know it has not been long since I last reached out, but I could not help but send you an update on one of my favorite newsletters I have released so far: October's Neuroscience newsletter on the Neuroscience of Attachment styles.

Why is this one of my favorite topics? Because

1. attachment styles are an evidence-based approach for us to understand our relationship patterns

2. identifying our attachment style gives us concrete insights on how to form stronger and happier relationships

3. attachment styles may be molded by your early life experiences, but they are changeable with the right appraoches (which I also talk about in this newsletter)

It is also one of my favorite topics beacuse

1. understanding the neuroscience of attachment styles was a key factor in transforming my self-understanding

2. understanding that attachments are interchangeably biological and environmental in nature, gives us autonomy to face them head on

3. understanding the theory and science behind attachment styles gives us language to talk about these topics with our friends, family, romantic partners, and, heck, even colleagues.

You can see this newsletter as a catalyst for the next to come:

- in next month's Neuroscience newsletter we will be talking about the biology behind the formation of attachments between children and caregivers

- in next month's Mental Health newsletter we will be talking about the neuroscience of romantic relationships, and dicuss the role of both love languages and attachment styles.

Want to know what I have been talking about in the last few months? Take a peak here!


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