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Pernille Bülow, PhD
Pernille Bülow, PhDPublished on November 13, 2023

Dear everyone,

It is with sadness but also excitement that I am putting my regular newsletters on a pause. Since its inception, I have enjoyed the excuse that subkit has given me to immerse myself into the newest (and sometimes oldest) scientific literature surrounding our mental health and other topics. But as time has passed, so has my activities and it has left me with too little time to properly write my regular newsletters (and let's not forget the audio version!).

With that, I'd like to share with you the many other opportunities for you to stay in touch with me:

Subscribe to Mind Blossom's newsletter - it's free and it keeps you up to date on mental health. It includes a monthly blog that is sure to keep you excited.

Stay tuned to my Psychology Today profile where I regulary publish articles on the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, culture and body-mind relationships.

Connect with me on LinkedIn. This is where you will see posts of the events, articles and activities that I am involved with or have thoughts on.

Interested in continuing to have access to video/audio sessions on relevant mental health topics? Then subsribe to Mind Blossom's YouTube channel. We talk to mental health experts and people with lived experiences about culture, trauma, horses, addiction, eating disorders, foster care, mindfulness and so much more as it relates to mental health.

And of course, social media is where you get the most personal updates on what matters, so don't forget to connect with me on Instagram. You can also find Mind Blossom on Instagram, with reels and live conversations that often feature myself and/or other mental health experts.

Lastly, if you go to my subkit profile you will see a sign up waitlist for a newsletter I will start publishing once the time is right. If you know you want to be on that email list, then make sure to sign up to stay tuned about when it gets released!

Thank you to all of you that have taken the time to listen to my words and thoughts. It has been a pleasure writing (and speaking) for you!

Feel free to reach out on

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