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June 2023 - The Listener

Pernille Bülow, PhD
Pernille Bülow, PhDPublished on June 24, 2023

by Pernille Bülow, PhD

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a great start to your Summer. This month, I am talking about the neuroscience of being an empath. Remember that as a part of this subsription, you also have access to the written article on this topic which includes all of the references.

This month, I am also adding an additional recording from a conversation on the topic of motherhood and mental health. I was joined by two prominent researchers: Dr. Sharon Dekel at Harvard University and Dr. Jodi Pawluski, a neuroscientist, therapist and author of the book "Mommy Brain". It was a fantastic conversation and we are going to reconvene in the Fall to talk more about the challenges involved with maintaining one's mental health during pregnancy and motherhood.

I wish you all a lovely July!

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