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Pernille Buelow

Pernille Bülow, PhD
Boston, MA, USA

This is a mind-opening space that is fueled by research, inspired by stories and driven by moving our understanding of mental health.

We dive into big questions, alternative solutions and boost our own mental health through knowledge. Join us!

I am a neuroscientist with over 10 years of conducting research in laboratories across the world with one major goal in mind: to improve life quality and mental health for children, adolescents and adults.

On this Subkit platform, you will find me asking (and answering) questions such as: How do our genes and environment affect our mental health? What are the roots of mental health disorders? What is the newest research telling us about how we can improve our mental health? Is meditation as effective as antidepressants?

My own interest in these questions were sparked by a long line of personal experiences. In that process, I have tackled anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia and depression. Understanding the brain and body have been transformative in my own recovery and mental health. I hope to share my knowledge with you to bring you on that same path.

Read more about me on my website:

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