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Pelora Stack

Leang Chung
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Leang Chung (she/her) is the Founder & CEO of Pelora Stack, a purpose-driven, AAPI-owned and woman-owned company. She empowers mid-career womxn as they prepare for their ‘first’. The first time they switch careers. The first time they become a people manager. Or the first time they become an entrepreneur.

My experience being ‘first’ inspired a passion for helping people and companies be successful in their ‘first’. The first time they’re scaling their team. The first time they build out their people operations infrastructure. The first time they design their culture. The first time they become a people manager. The first time they get appointed to a senior leadership role. The first time they negotiate their pay. The first time they make a career change.

My vision for Pelora Stack is to become a destination for companies and people who are getting ready for their next stage of growth. To help underrepresented early-stage founders and mid-career womxn prepare for their ‘first’.

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