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Introducing Trolley Club: A Monthly Cheese Subscription

Kara McGrath
Kara McGrathPublished on April 13, 2022

Hello Cheese Lovers! 

Introducing our monthly memberships, available for pick-up or delivery! 

Honoring the age-old tradition of cheese course selections wheeled out on a “cheese trolley” or “le chariot de fromages” in restaurants across France, Paste & Rind Cheese Co.'s Trolley Club brings the cheese course to you! 

By subscribing, you get a curated selection each month, allowing you to try new things, enjoy club-member exlusives, and enojy a thoughtful tasting experience that maximizes seasonality, quality, and fun! You can cancel anytime, but you won't want to...

Paste + Rind Cheese Co. Subscription Plans

Trolley Club - A Monthly Cheese Box (Local pick-up)

$49 /month

Trolley Club - A Monthly Cheese Box (Local Delivery)

$64 /month

Le Chariot de Fromages

The Cheese trolley, a literal chariots of cheese, per the French name, has been a staple of good eating in the motherland for centuries, from tiny cafes to white table cloth fine dining Parisian establishments. Paraded along the corridors of the restaurant for every one to see, the cheese trolley arrives at the end of your meal - supporting, replacing, overshadowing typical desserts. And the selection before you has been curated, hand picked by professionals who often have dedicated their entire careers to study the art and science of a perfect cheese plate.

DC's Own Cheese Trolley

But despite a growing appetite for high quality, small batch, artisan cheese, and an explosion of magazine worthy instagram accounts dedicated to cheese and charcuterie boards, Americans will still have trouble finding a cheese selection of quality offered in their neighborhoods. In Washington DC, a metro area with over 6 million residents, there are only two artisan cheese shops, and less than 10 shops that carry artisan cheeses, including French and Italian specialty grocers. 

Paste & Rind's Trolley Club aims to solve this, and bring quality artisan cheese to the people of DC! By providing a selection of cheese with paired accompaniments, you can try, taste, test out, and explore all that the world of curd has to offer! Our cheesemonger specifically curates each box to maximize quality, seasonality, and of course tastiness, answering the constant questions of "What should I pair this with? Will these taste good together?"

So all you will need to do is unwrap, slice and serve!

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