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Paraluman Flora

Kim Francisco
Toronto, ON, Canada

Welcome to Paraluman Flora subscriptions! I’m the owner and designer, Kim F. My work goes far beyond bouquets, it is monthly, bespoke floral art delivered to your door.

As a graduate of the Canadian Institute of Floral Design and life-long artist, I take my whimsical craft very seriously. Notable past clients include: Soho House, Etsy and Oak + Fort.

If you live in Toronto, I hope you’ll let me bring colour into your life month after month by subscribing below.

More about me and Paraluman Flora:

"Paraluman" in Tagalog is creative muse, and flowers is mine! This ultimately led me through a creative journey in the floral industry.

I launched this art project because I want to make a mark during my time here in the physical world. I want Paraluman to be something beautiful and important—whatever that may look like. I want to create change through flowers. I want to contribute to life with nature-- and flowers is my way of doing just that!

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