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Shauna Moran
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi, my name is Shauna, and I'm a remote team workplace expert, international public speaker, and soon-to-be author. My award-winning executive coaching agency, Operate Remote, empowers leaders and their remote teams to create and build more emotionally healthy, engaged, and sustainable organizations- so they can scale and grow with confidence, regardless of locations. I work with clients all over the world and in various industries, from tech to finance and even government-based organizations.

I started researching remote teams many years ago. Like most entrepreneurs, I was passionate about creating solutions to the problems I was experiencing myself as a remote leader in a hybrid environment. I loved the flexibility remote working brought, but I struggled with many of the challenges I work with my clients on today- burnout, ineffective communication, lack of flexible processes (like endless meetings), and proximity bias.

This leads me down the path of research and solutions. Early on in working with my first handful of clients, I realized that it wasn't just the tangible strategies they needed to create a successful remote or hybrid team- it was indeed a shift in mindset and culture.

That's when I decided to qualify as an executive coach and today. I blend the two frameworks together- Research + Coaching. This empowers my clients to build and improve for both the long and the short term. Whether I'm creating bespoke training programs for a leadership team on remote working best practices or even if I'm working 1-1 with HR teams to develop processes, I'm always focused on solving issues from the root along with creating moments of quick wins.

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