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Brett Cohen
Brett CohenPublished on July 19, 2022

At first sight, it might seem as if you can simply hold the Golf Club like a baseball bat and strike the ball as long as you can but that is simply not the case here that is why we have here an article on How to Hold a Golf Club? Well, there is a specific way in which you have to hold the iron, and through that way, only you can strike the ball better. Comparable to that, when you hold it like a baseball bat you won't have that amazing push. So, without further delay, let us get on with our article.

3 Ultimate Techniques:

There is nearly an unlimited number of ways a golfer can grip the iron but when it comes to the ultimate ways, there are only three of them. These three ways are known as the;

Interlocking Grip:

In the interlocking technique, you have to lift the pinky and give place to the left index one in between the right ring and the pinky. Altogether, this gives a place for the fingers to hold the iron.

Overlapping Grip:

In this technique you have to use 10 fingers, then simply lift the pinky of your dextral and slide it slowly to your left. After that, you have to put the pinky between the southpaw middle and index finger. In this way, you can have the Overlapping technique.

10 Finger Grip:

Well, we did mention Baseball bats at the beginning of our How to hold a golf club article. Here we have the 10 Finger technique which is similar to the baseball grip, considering your 10 fingers are on the iron.

It is also mentioned as one of the most efficient techniques amongst all but it is not given as much popularity as others and also it doesn’t seem much reliable to grip.

In this style, you have to put your right and left arms on the iron with all your fingers on it in a way that the pinky of one hand collides with the index of the other.

Left vs Right-Handed:

If you are a sportsman who is southpaw, then you might be worried because everything is genuinely made for dextral sided people, that is certainly not the case with Golf. In this sport, you are presented with both the best golf clubs for lefties and the Right-hand. In case you don't know you are comfortable with your left or right, then you might want to try a few clubs in both positions.

You might be worried about the gripping techniques that we already discussed but luckily, these techniques are made for both orthodox and southpaw golfers. You only need to figure out which placement will be opposite in your condition.

Driver Vs Putter:


Primarily start by holding the iron at the base with your southpaw and rotate till knuckles of the index and middle finger are visible.

First, place your left, then place your right hand in such a way that the other one overlaps both the left middle and ring fingers. After the placement of the right one, you need to make sure that the index finger and the right thumb create V as it is lining up with the torso's middle.


Primarily, you need to hold the putter up with your southpaw which is outstretched. It is important to note that the handle should be running through the center of the palm. The same is to be done with your right as it is resting below the other one.

Step-by-Step Guide:

● First of all, you will have to hold the iron waist in front of you higher, squaring the clubface and horizontally to the ground.

● Use the southpaw to grab the club first, then stretch the fingers of that hand aligning the handle with the same palm and make a diagonal straight line across your same fingers.

● Close on iron and as you grip it with your left, the palm heels should be resting on the handle edge

● Slowly rotate that same hand on your right till a point where you are watching the knuckles of both your hands on your southpaw when looking down. It is termed as a neutral point and it is also the starting point.

● Finally, put that orthodox-sided heel on the top of that southpaw's thumb till it is fully covering the left one. Create a V by simply closing till forefingers and thumb are at a specific position, pointing to the sternum middle.


Holding a Golf club might seem easy, but when you actually have to enter a competitive environment around other golfers, you might get confused. For that reason, we compiled this article of How to Hold a Golf Club to help you out in your beginner golfer journey. Keep in mind that there are quite a lot of ways in which you can do so, but professionals say that the best one is surely the one in which you feel comfortable and give your best.

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