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Nourishing Blueberry Walnut & Goat Cheese Breakfast Toast

Leah Tarleton
Leah TarletonPublished on July 20, 2022

Hey there!I am so happy to share this original recipe I just created with you to help you plan simple meals into your day and prevent meal planning overwhelm! This recipe does wonderfully for a sweet breakfast, a light lunch, or a nourishing snack, and is easily made gluten-free (if you are intolerant to gluten) by swapping the bread for a GF option.The recipe can also easily be made dairy-free (if you are sensitive to dairy) by making your own homemade plant-based/vegan goat cheese. There are lots of vegan homemade goat cheese recipes to be found online with just a simple Google search or you can look for a commercials brand at your local grocery or health food store, such as The Goat by Spero Foods (not affiliated!).Fun Fact: Vegan goat cheese uses nuts and other simple ingredients to create the flavor of goat cheese without the added dairy (which can be helpful if you have a sensitive stomach, skin acne, constipation, or other complaints commonly tied to a dairy intolerance or sensitivity).Before you get started creating this meal for yourself, I encourage you to notice how I have written out the recipe.First, bring your attention to the way I have listed the ingredients. You'll notice I have not listed any amounts (TBSP, # slices of bread, etc) because I want you to learn how to be more engaged, present, and intuitive with food and your body rather than just focusing on how much you should eat.I have also not listed nutritional information because I want you to focus on the other nourishing features of the meal (like the appearance of the food, the satisfaction you feel eating it, and the combination of flavors)In the directions, instead of walking you through the steps robotically, I tried to describe the steps I took to create this meal along with my thought process as I personally create my own meals. Perhaps we can call it "intuitive cooking" :)Notice that I emphasize your desire and preferences for how much food your body wants versus telling you how much to eat.I also emphasize the way you can get your body into a motivated flow state with cooking versus directing you through a list of steps you have to get through before you reach the reward of eating. 

Notice for yourself the drizzle, the sprinkle, topping, the admiration, the crumble, and the toast, and not just the chore of cooking.Also notice that we are more focused on the joy of cooking and not on the "health" or "nutrition facts" of the meal.By NOT focusing on just "how much to eat" and/or "what's good/bad to eat" you will naturally become better at nourishing yourself with food.I hope you enjoy this recipe and can take away some insights from preparing it!Let me know if you try this if you liked its flavor, and how the experience went for you as you created and then ate it (slowly and mindfully).Much love,Leah

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