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The Nourished Sensitive

Leah Tarleton
Seattle, WA, USA

I began my journey into entrepreneurship after leaving the healthcare system, where I worked as a clinical nutrition manager and dietitian in a skilled nursing and long-term care facility. While I enjoyed the challenge of working with patients with complex clinical needs, I knew deep down that I wanted to help people prevent the onset of clinical disease, spend more time listening to the stories of the people I served, and help them live full and healthy lives. I started working on my business in the summer of 2020, starting with a focus on nutrition for anxiety. I followed that with a brief excursion into weight-loss counseling before finally landing on the holistic health coaching work I do now at The Nourished Sensitive. I was inspired to start working towards a comprehensive health and nourishment coaching business for HSPs when I discovered the trait of high sensitivity within myself, underwent a profound spiritual awakening, and embarked on a health and healing journey that I remain on today. I feel privileged to bring this work into the world as it serves a unique need and is aligned with who I am as a person in a very deep way. My work brings together my personal and professional interests from sustainable living to nutritional psychology, person-centered counseling, planetary health, healing, and mental health advocacy. I consider myself the personal embodiment of my brand because the work I do to help and nourish myself becomes the soil for my work to nourish others and help them grow to their full potential.

I run a virtual holistic health practice centering around a 9-element framework for nourishment that I developed on my own health and healing journey. I strive to go beyond the paradigm of health and nutrition founded on good vs. bad foods and teach my clients how to create a nourishing relationship with food, the body, and themselves. My practice specializes in the health and wellness needs of the highly-sensitive person, an inborn personality trait found in about 20% of the population. High sensitivity as a trait comes with unique gifts and challenges. My mission is to help highly-sensitive humans reach their highest level of nourishment so that they feel empowered to use their gifts to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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