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Wine Club News-Letter #3 - Portugal Tasting

Nicolas Rezzouk
Nicolas RezzoukPublished on April 21, 2021

Well hello my exotic vines, long time no read I guess?

We had our first, UK-based, wine club tasting earlier this month and I for one thought it was well fun. It's exactly what I wanted it to be, a good excuse to taste and drink some lovely wines, learn a few things about the subject and just have a chat about it all between people who share an interest in the good things in life. Nice place to escape the duties of being a grown up in 2021 really.

So, if all esle fail, that bit is the bit I'd like to keep doing. I might not be able to produce the volume of content I would like to... at least to the level of quality I care for. But I can at least turn up once a month with some good wines and a bit of info and give you a good time!

So I'm at it again. I have 13 places for this tasting...

Friday 7th May - 8:30pm UK time.

6 wines in 50ml measures representing a decent spectrum of what Portugal can do.

£19 for the wine pack - Can arrange collection from my place in Sale or Reserve Wines in Didsbury

£10 for posting further afield.

If you live outside the UK, you could procure yourself some Portuguese wines and join us for free, the more the merrier.

Note: Packaging is crude and reused as much as I can, I don't like the idea to create waste and for now a slick looking brand is not what I'm after.

"Why you should join in?"

If the idea that wine was worth exploring ever tickled your mind... you should look at doing some tasting, with me, with someone else, but do explore. It is indeed very worthwhile and satisfying and fun.

Portugal is one of the wine places of the world that offers the most value for money AND has a completely unique offering. It's not another version of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, they have their own grapes and are very proud of them. And so they should. Their wines represent where they come from in all their glory, and they can be very fine wine indeed, some worth ageing as long as any Bordeaux or Barolo.

The average 75cl-bottle retail value of the wines on show is £27.33...33333 to be precise. So it's going to be rather tasty.

That's my teaser. You want to find out more? Join us.

Hit me up if you want a place.

Your friendly wine friend,


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