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Nicolas Rezzouk
Manchester, UK
While I will forever be a wine student, I have advised hundreds of customers, businesses and individuals alike, on their wine purchases. Food pairing for a special dinner, weddings and celebrations, or simply the best Friday night wine that will hit the spot.

I want to build a community, help you get more out of wine, wherever you are in the world and help you find like-minded people who are here to have a good time with a glass or 3.

That will, over time, take various shapes from blog posts helping you navigate this amazing but vast world, buying/sourcing advice, online tasting events and maybe even a podcast.

I keep things super light hearted and grounded, no judgment, no expectations. I have 2 kids that remind me everyday I am not invincible and I don't know everything, never will. It's about the journey, the discovery. Embrace your curiosity, quench your thirst for enjoyment.

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