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Christina Heike
New York, NY, USA

Christina Heike is an international Trauma and Holistic Health Expert, speaker, teacher, artist, and mother to a teenage son. She seeks to inspire and empower her clients to discover the best versions of themselves and embrace their humanity through forgiveness, at the core self-forgiveness, to Begin Being at Peace with Themselves - the key to a peaceful world.

She synthesizes science and spirituality and holds MS degrees in Special Education, Educational Psychology, and Science of Sports, and is a German certified Naturopathic and Ayurvedic practitioner. Born in West Berlin as a highly sensitive child in a non-sensitive family, she gained insights into the volatile nature of the human mind, emotion, and relationships. Questioning the suffering of people (and her own), injustice, the spiritual quest (why are we here?), and physical pains brought her to her first yoga class at age 12, the first step of many in finding tools/modalities to balance body, heart-mind, spirit. [She has been a Yoga teacher for over 30 years now.]

For the last 20 years, she has guided her clients through their inner maze, gently and with clarity - permanently releasing blockages from past pains and ancestor lines (e.g., 2nd generation Holocaust survivors) through the mirror and forgiveness work of New Decision TherapyTM. Christina is passionate about supporting her clients to reconnect with themselves and their bodies, to live a FULL-filled life. Teaching self-care and love for self - ultimately enabling them to Re-Mother themselves.

Especially clients being depleted and thrown off by relationships with narcissistic partners or family members and often display co-dependent personality traits will benefit from Christina’s experience and her ability to create a safe space for inner growth and stability. Her clients span from youth to accomplished businesswomen to executives who seek to tap into their full potential and find clarity for their next step, their God-walk, and their Heart-song to live their life’s purpose. Christina is a keynote speaker and visual artist who resides in New York City and Berlin. She works in person or via the world wide web.

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