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The Best Diet for Balancing Hormones Over 40

Natalie Rivier
Natalie RivierPublished on September 08, 2022

I wouldn't usually pop into your inbox two days in a row but I have a point to make!

Yesterday, I sent an email about a massive online event happening live from September 20-27, 2022. It's a series of educational webinars presented by some world-class doctors, nurses, functional medicine practitioners and naturopaths about the topic of menopause.

The email yesterday asked if you knew what the best diet for balancing your hormones is.

Here's the thing. This summit is going to present the idea of Intermittent Fasting.

Recognize that the majority of studies on Intermittent Fasting are done on men. And for men, the results are decent. Studies show consistent improvements in autophagy (breaking down unneeded or damaged components within a cell and reusing them as the building blocks for cellular repair or the formation of new cells), improved glucose metabolism, weight loss and cholesterol levels.

💥💥This is NOT the case for women, especially active women!!💥💥

Recent research shows that women, unlike men, have minimal, if any, improvement from intermittent fasting on weight loss, blood glucose levels, autophagy, or cholesterol levels. They actually had increased oxidative stress and fasting had adverse effects on their endocrine system. So their thyroid function slowed down and took their metabolism with it = weight gain!

As a woman, your body will fight to preserve energy when you start fasting. Long term, that results in weight gain‼️

The picture gets worse for women who exercise. If you exercise on top of fasting, which is what many women trying to lose weight do, all of these negative affects become amplified.

⚠️Thyroid function decreases

⚠️Metabolic rate drops

⚠️Elevated cortisol

⚠️Develop resistance to growth hormone

⚠️Hunger hormone levels increase (ghrelin) and satiety hormone (leptin) levels decrease

Of course, you want to give your body time to cleanse and detoxify overnight so up to a 12hr fast MAX from the last meal of the day to the first meal of the next day is ok. For example, if you eat breakfast at 8am your last snack should be 8pm at night. If you find yourself waking in the night 12hrs may be too long for you.

I'm not saying that the Menopause Summit won't be filled with some really great information, what I'm saying is that there is a lot of generalized information out there, it can feel overwhelming at times, and it's not specific to you!

My Zone of Genius (aka area of expertise) is nutrition and fitness for active women over 40.

If you want to:
✔️Wake up every day feeling and looking good
✔️ Stop gaining weight
✔️ Take your power back and regain the feeling of control over your body
✔️ Know what to eat and went to eat
✔️ Have balanced hormones

Google is not going to solve your problems!

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