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Eat More, Train Less

Natalie Rivier
Natalie RivierPublished on September 16, 2022

Sounds crazy, I know….

Many active women simply do not eat enough to support their
training and recovery. Ultimately both their performance and their health
suffer the consequences.

After the age of 40 when women start to see their body
composition changing and their training isn’t working like it used to and
they’re gaining weight, they cut way back on food intake and do more and more
exercise and that makes matters worse. Now their body is in conservation and
survival mode. 😕

This is known as "low energy availability".


Thyroid function and bone formation start to be disrupted
after just four days in low energy availability mode. Stay in that state too
long and you can end up with extreme fatigue and thyroid disfunction that is
difficult to turn around.


Worse - One of the first things that happens when the body
isn’t getting the energy it needs is that it starts increasing body fat ‼️ If
you’re not eating enough while you’re working hard your body assumes that
you’re in a situation where there’s not enough food so it stores all the
energy (as fat) it can to survive.


You’ve lost some muscle, stored some fat, and now your body
is further conserving energy by lowering your metabolic output.


Training harder and eating less is only going to make
matters worse!!!!


⚠️Thyroid function decreases


⚠️Metabolic rate drops


⚠️Elevated cortisol


⚠️Develop resistance to growth


⚠️Hunger hormone levels increase
(ghrelin) and satiety hormone (leptin) levels decrease


How do you know if you’re eating enough? How do you figure
out how much you should be eating?

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