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Natalie Rivier
Natalie RivierPublished on July 26, 2022

Join the Active Women Over 40 Badass Club

Some women’s lives are so disrupted by their changing hormones they feel like they’ve been victims of a hostile takeover that leaves them feeling trapped inside a body and mind they barely recognize.

I’m here to show you how to take back control.

That means there will be no fluff content here.

Everything I’ll share with you is based on strategies that have been tried and tested and are backed by research.

Are you looking for a weight loss or maitenance plan that is optimal for women over 40? Do you want to maintain healthy body composition and feel more energetic than you have in years? If so, look no further than this assortment of kick-ass recipes, workouts, and live monthly coaching sessions to help you improve your energy levels, get better sleep, and make the most of your workouts which will ultimately help you maintain optimal body composition. 

Membership includes a weekly workout that can be done at home or the gym. We'll meet virtually every month for a live discussion on various topics affecting our ability to be badass, including proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits specifically for women over 40. Get ready to actually understand your hormones and learn how to work with them not against them.

Nutrition with Nat Subscription Plans

Active Women Over 40 Badass Club

$99 /month

Who Is This Club For?  

Active women over 40 who refuse to accept that feeling like shit is normal!

What's Included?

A weekly newsletter with a workout video that you can do at home or the gym

Monthly group coaching sessions through Zoom lasting ~90 minutes with a Q&A period. Typically held the second Tuesday of the month at 12:00 p.m. EST. Recording available to members.

Discounts on some really great products geared specifically towards women over 40.

A weekly recipe tailored to women over 40 with education around WHY these meals are good for you.

A private Facebook community of other badass women to connect with

Join for the year and save big!



4 Payment of $247 (A total savings of $190)


1 Annual Payment of $550 (A total savings of $638)

Don't wait!  Space is limited.

Nutrition with Nat Subscription Plans

Active Women Over 40 Badass Club

$99 /month

Don't get all weird about getting older. Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!

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