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Nutrition Counseling

Chelsea Pambianco
Fullerton, CA, USA

You might be surprised to hear that I am an anti-diet dietitian. My mission as an RDN and Certified Personal Trainer is to spread the word that dieting and over-exercising to manipulate your body size or improve your health can actually do more harm than good. I’ve discovered personally, as well as through years of education, that the solution is more simple than it seems. I started my own private practice specifically so that I can demystify what eating in a way that improves health actually looks like, by learning how to eat intuitively. Intuitive Eating (IE) empowers you to make food choices that work best for YOU, because the process helps you discover the foods that both satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body. The path to becoming an intuitive eater can feel strange and, at times, challenging, but I'm able to support my clients through their IE journey in the best way possible because I've been in their shoes and understand the challenges they face. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my clients break free from diet culture and discover how to enjoy food again without restriction, guilt, or shame. I can't wait to connect and work with you soon!

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