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My House Healing

Lauren Stevenson
Michigan, USA

Hi! I’m Lauren :)

I am an intuitive + energy healer and reiki master who has a passion for helping others reprogram and heal their subconscious mind to live authentically in alignment with their true essence through my community, My House Healing. My House Healing is a safe space that supports empathic beings who have found themselves on a spiritual journey seeking guidance. I've been on an ascension journey for 5 years now and have gathered transformational tools along the way and I want to share them with you! My mission here is to help you build a relationship with yourself, be fearlessly authentic, and learn to command energy and wield your power effortlessly while navigating your spiritual journey.

My House memberships are tailored to empathic beings who want to tap into my world and access support and channeled guidance to navigate the shadows of their ascension/spiritual awakening. I know it can be hard going through ascension when it feels like there isn't anyone around for you to lean on. Join my community to meet like minded souls, receive the guiance and support exactly when you need it, and feel supported along the journey back to you.

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