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Massage Therapist and Spa Business Coaching

Jamerie Michalek
Long Beach, CA, USA

Before I started being a Massage & Spa Business Coach, I was a manager of a massage franchise. During the interviews with Massage Therapist employee prospects, I would ask, “What is your five-year plan?” Many of them would respond that the next step was to open their own business, rent a space, or start a wellness center. With being a manager, there are only so many ways to support each Massage Therapists’ individual needs while also prioritizing the business’s needs.

My mission has always included helping people, but I had always known and felt when my reach began to bottleneck. This indicator helped me move through various roles in my career.

Ten years ago, I started as a Massage Therapist and then moved on to lead massage therapist, spa manager, clinic business manager, and multi-unit manager. Who I help has shifted over the years; I used to help anyone who needed a massage. Now I help Massage Therapists become better business owners and run their businesses with confidence and strategy.

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