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You are the occasion worth celebrating!

Liz van't Riet
Liz van't RietPublished on June 09, 2022

So often in life, we save the things we like most for speial occasions....

well NO MORE!

As I sat in my house with nice wine glasses I never used, coffee mugs that make me smile but are out of season, dresses in the closet that I loved in the store and just haven't found the occassion for....I started to realize

That I am the occassion.

I am enough to just enjoy looking nice for.

I am enough to make the dinner I crave that's a little extra work.

I am the reason to raise my wine glass, even if it's full of water!

I had saved using these "nice things" only to allow time to take the joy of it away. So now, when I want to feel like an occassion worth celebrating, I pull out that glass, grab that dress out of the closet, and let my soul shine through in everything I do. I do it every day as a reminder that I do in fact matter.

And so do you.

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