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Michael J Soler

Michael Soler
Darlington, MD 21034, USA

I wanted to let you know I started out just like you. I was anxious, intimidated and with no idea what to anticipate or do as a present day entrepreneur. I had no experience, instruction or counseling. I made many mistakes and miscalculated partnerships, which is how he figured out the path to success and how to get there. My life has been a workshop of trial, error, failure and most importantly success. I started this journey to assist you in avoiding unnecessary suffering, and to accelerate your achievements — by mentoring you to do it right the first time. 

Now, I am a present day distinguished Success Mentor, having been the leader for many teams, projects and companies for more than 2 decades. I have developed and sold 2 thriving companies, founded and franchised his dog training and kennel company and published 2 amazing books. I am also enterprising originator and producer of online training academies and podcast series, giving him distinctive and unparalleled access to interview, explore, and share the stories of some of the most victorious people in our society. This has empowered me to reveal remarkable secrets to success, which I now offer to encourage entrepreneurs around the globe. 

I also mentor many growing CEO’s, advise new and established businesses, and sponsor many teams and organizations. I am also a life and financial mentor, media contributor and sought after public speaker.  

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