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Micah Rich

Designers who can code have superpowers.

It’s not a necessity — you can be an extremely successful, accomplished designer, and be absolutely awesome at your craft without ever having written a line of JavaScript.

But when you add coding to your skillset, a few things happen:

  1. You understand the context of what’s possible with your designs, *infinitely* better.
  2. You can work fluidly with whomever’s gonna make what you’ve thought up, and talk to them in language they understand.
  3. You can get negotiate at *least* 30% higher salary, having two valuable & related skills to bring to the table
  4. Lastly — you can make the cool ideas you have in your head.

But while learning from online courses & tutorials is useful, it’s easy to get stuck when you’re on your own. Courses rarely come with any kind of personal attention at all, and tutorials will leave you in the dust if something doesn’t click in the beginning.

I’ve spent enough time as a teacher — teaching for, and actually eventually being hired to design General Assembly’s entire web developer curriculum — to know that a little personal help goes a long way.

So working with a tutor means we’ll craft a curriculum based on what YOU want to learn, what will help you most. And we’ll adjust as we need to. We can spend a week learning by working on a fake project, and the next week talking about code you wrote for your own app.

It’s super flexible, super personal, and literally designed for you.

So if you’re curious to talk details and understand what kind of superpowers we could pull out together, send me a message and let’s chat.

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