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Mary Erlain
Chicago Metropolitan Area, USA

A certified Change Management Specialist (CMS) with decades of experience, Mary Erlain believes an organization’s foundation is its people – its owner(s), management, and employees. Her focus: helping companies and individuals meet their goals by exploring and uncovering talents and potential. She helps entrepreneurs evaluate and update their strategic goals, by coaching executives and teams on keys to optimal organizational health. By addressing issues that directly connect the dots to the bottom line, she has become a highly-respected, results-minded business consultant.

Her mission is three-fold: 1) to strengthen an organization’s core foundation to be competitive in the marketplace. 2) to offer a superior support system of resources and knowledge of marketplace trends within various industries. 3) to apply her expertise by incorporating the needs of businesses into leadership planning and growth strategies.

Erlain is a published author and speaker. Her most popular and recent publication, The 5 Generations in the Workplace, brings necessary attention to generational diversity issues business owners face. In her work, she collaborates with owners, management, and employees to identify and address the root causes of common issues and challenges which can impact growth, productivity, and profitability.

Erlain started Peak Development Strategies in 2007. She also works closely with her valued colleague, Michael Shapiro, a savvy and experienced organizational consultant. Each has strong experience facilitating networking and group sessions for business owners, effectively helping clients define and achieve their operational and organizational goals. Together, they operate E Group Partners, Inc. where, in addition to facilitating valuable Enterpreneurs Groups, they provide Dynamic Development Strategies™ for small business owners.

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