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Melissa Dodge

Melissa Dodge
London, ON, Canada

My clients are professional women looking to get out of the overwhelm. I work with them to uncover what deeply matters to their heart and soul, outside of the shoulds and expectations.

They want a more spiritually based life but don’t know where to start making changes and feel they don’t have the time. I serve women looking for something outside of the rushing, obligations, and feelings of disconnection.

Working with me means you get to share your story while letting go of the parts that no longer serve you, so you can be the most empowered version of yourself to truly live. As we peel back the layers together, taking sustainable baby steps, you can shift into a more soul-filling life. I’ve been there – living the life that was socially expected and doing all the things I “should” until I just couldn’t anymore. I was unwell, exhausted, unhappy, and thinking I didn’t have any other choices. I’m proof that there’s so much more outside the shoulds, exhaustion, and frustration.

My journey has been a series of steps – there’s no by-pass to get to the end! Life happened for me so that I could get to this point where I get to help others. I didn’t do this alone and am so grateful for all the support along the way – my reiki and yoga teachers, my coaches, mentors, and friends.

I live intuitively, make decisions from my heart and soul, and embody the fact that I am the creator of my own life. You can too.

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