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Megan Maundrell Photography

Megan Maundrell
North Saanich, BC, Canada

I'm a photographer, podcaster, and hella big dreamer. I treat my cats like gods (who wouldn't?) and would rather skate (ice or roller) than walk.What started as a "Hey cool, you should start a business out of that" to a friend who was into photography turned into a nationwide, love-obsessed team. We make it our mission to bring the weird and fun and make you feel completely at ease during your wedding.

It became apparent that there were a few things broken in the way that many photographers ran their business - they almost always treated it like a hobby. I don't know about you, but I want MORE than a hobby-level service when hiring professionals. My day to day goal is to treat every client like my only client - having a gallery turnaround time of under five weeks, never taking longer than 72 hours to respond to a concern, and infusing a personal touch wherever possible so that they know that they're taken care of and appreciated.

Nothing fuels my day like client care. Whether I'm creating a process, getting on the phone with a couple, or giving my clients an inside peek at their gallery being edited, none of it feels like "work."

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