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Matthew Bodis
Matthew BodisPublished on February 02, 2022

Hey there Fellow Whisk(e)y Lovers!

Matt here,

Let's face it, you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't love whiskey, or want to learn more about it! Over the last 4 years, I have been running a barbershop called Frontier Barbers & Company that has evolved into a little bit of a whiskey bar in a way to try and push the envelope as to what we can offer.

When speaking with our customers a common theme was whiskey, scotch, and how to gain an understanding of the overall market. From there we have established a group of whiskey lovers who wanted to take their education of the spirit to the next level. We are called ourselves the "Frontier Whiskey Society"

The premise of Frontier Whiskey Society is to create an approachable, comfortable, and educational way to taste whiskeys of all kinds.  We host groups online and in-person (For Locals) where we enjoy three whiskeys per month. This group explores the differences and similarities between whiskeys including but not limited to scotch, bourbon, rye, and Irish whiskey. 

To receive more information please subscribe to our mailing list, or join now by purchasing your membership. As we grow we will be including more advanced classes and multiple spirit options.

Looking forward to sharing a dram with you soon

Matthew BodisFounder of Frontier Whiskey Society
Enjoyer of all things Whisk(e)y

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