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As a mom of three, it became a high priority for me to be fully present in my children's lives. So when my real estate business kept me away from my babies when they needed me the most, I knew my business needed an overhaul. I quit real estate and launched my business. I've never looked back!

Over the years, I have prioritized family life and created systems and processes that allow me to do my work while my kids are at school so that when they are home, I can give them my full attention.

It has now been over three years that I work very little hours and almost none in the summer. I can run my business from anywhere I am. I can take last minute family vacations. And the best part is that I've been there sharing my children's every milestone since they were little. That has been my most precious gift.

I want the same for you. Your business should give you more time to live, not take time from your life. I'm building this community for the mom who wants to have a profitable business that allows her to work less and live more.

Please note that this community, although created for moms, welcomes any entrepreneur who wants to improve their business processes and systems so they can level-up their business and life.

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