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Recover Yourself

MartinJon Garcia
Chicago, IL, USA

There has not been a single person born who has not lived under the influence of something or someone. I can guarantee that, at the very least, you lived under the influence of your parents, or caregivers. We've constantly been asked by those around us to make life easier for them. This is often done by giving us a clear roadmap to getting their praise. The education and economic systems praise us with grades and salaries and are two examples of influences that are far reaching. Those in particular are so pervasive that we can hardly see all the places they have us acting against our best interests.

MartinJon started building Recover Yourself as a modality to help people toughen their resolve. Too many of us are living under the influence of things that are destroying us from the inside. Our lives are increasingly being burdened by the idea that we can avoid discomfort. As children we avoided discomfort by listening to our parents, in school by getting good grades, at work by being a good employee. Today we all know the score and what it takes to be a good child, student, and employee, and although that is good enough for everyone else, it is increasingly not good enough for us.

If you're ready to get out from under the influence you'd be well served by joining MartinJon and getting yourself on a path of Recovering TO who you really are.

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