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Martin J Fisher
Martin J FisherPublished on August 10, 2022

I'm thrilled to announce the Martin J Fisher Wellness Package!

Martin J Fisher Coaching Subscription Plans

Setting & Achieving Your Goals

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Restrict Your Saboteur & Empower Your Sage

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Wellness Package

$29 /month

For just $29 per month (less than $1 per day!) you'll receive access to online training & downloads on each topic:

🔹Mindset Reset


🔹Mind, Body, Spirit

🔹Purpose & Passion

🔹Self-care Accountability

🔹New Posts Monthly

Features include:

🔹Online training videos

🔹Monthly New Features & Materials

🔹Downloadable Resources

🔹7-day Free Trial

I'm also launching a waitlist for two other plans: "Setting & Achieving Your Goals" and "Restrict Your Saboteur & Empower Your Sage"

If you're interested in either of these plans, I'd love to get your feedback! Simply join the waitlist to answer a quick and simple survey!

And please reach out with any questions you may have before joining. I'm excited to embark on this journey with you!


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