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Martin J Fisher
Toronto, ON, Canada

I am a recovering perfectionist. I am a chronic relapser of overachieving.

All my best learnings came when everything came to a crash. First I lost my mother. So I threw myself into work even harder. I started pushing people away and focusing on work even more. Then I lost my job and with that my identity and my hope with it.

I couldn’t go back but I didn’t know how to move forward. There’s a lot of fear around starting over at any age. I knew a choice had to be made. Either I let fear direct my life and live in it or I take actions to move forward and live with the fear but not in it.

Today I'm a results coach and life pattern expert helping others achieve beyond their desired results. Through love and acceptance everything is possible. I provide customized programs with a proven strategy that unleashes that potential.

I’ve successfully applied my proven strategy to many other industries and workplaces as well as coached clients from across the world. I optimize every possible advantage and provide results not just a plan. I do all this while saving the client time & money

Today my results are measured by the results I provide my clients.

Be kind. Be well. Be awesome!


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