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Military Marriage Coaching

Denver, CO, USA

Tired of feeling disconnected from your spouse? Tired of having the same fight over and over with no resolution? Tired of feeling unimportant, undervalued, and maybe even a little hopeless? Tired of coming in second to the military?

Relationships can be so complicated. We aren't taught how to do them well and when you throw in the challenges of military life, a healthy marriage can seem almost impossible.

I’m Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh, clinical psychologist and military marriage coach and I help military spouses who are struggling with the stressors and pressures of military life in order to strengthen and elevate their marriage.  Using evidence-based tools, I help strengthen a couple’s communication, connection, and conflict resolution to create a truly solid partnership.

Are you ready to...

-Feel more connected to your partner.

-Feel more confident in your ability to manage conflict and the challenges of military life.

-Learn healthy ways to communicate despite all the challenges of military life.

-Feel valued and heard and supported. 

I cannot wait to help you strengthen your relationship into something that can handle anything the military throws at you.

I have a number of different coaching options available that have been proven to strengthen military marriages and I can't wait for yours to be next!

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