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Marilyn Smith
Cincinnati, OH, USA

I am Marilyn Smith, Owner of Xenuvi and healthy hair care specialist.  I’ve been doing hair professionally for over 10 years. I started styling my own hair at the age of 13. Not really because I wanted to but because I had to. 

When I was younger my mother worked at a dry cleaners. While laying a pair of pants on the press, it collapsed burning her right hand down to the bone.  As she recovered everything my mom normally did came to a halt. 

And so there I was with a mother who was not able to style my hair. And my dad couldn’t style my hair even with both hands working!

With my mother’s guidance I began styling my own hair. At first things were great, then venturing away from my mother’s guidance, things took a turn for the worse. I was using unhealthy products and harsh chemicals. my hair became dry, brittle and began to break off. 

I wore extensions so that I could look good on the outside but on the inside I felt broken. That’s when I learned that damaged hair for women can be devastating.

I decided I wanted to make healthy hair a reachable goal. Over the years I seen in my clients, the more their hair improved, the more their self esteem improved right along with it. We’ve all had instances when we’ve felt awkward or overwhelmed with embarrassment, while feeling insecure about our looks. I take great pride in offering services and products that will get people one step closer to a more confident self.

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