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Marie-Judith Jean-Louis
Marie-Judith Jean-LouisPublished on February 11, 2022

One of the books that made a huge difference in my creative journey is The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I forgot who recommended it but it was on my list to read until one day it happened to be at a used book store I was visiting, and I knew it was the right time for me to read it.

It was back in 2017, at a time where I fell disconnected from my creative self. Thankfully, reading the book actually help me start the process of getting back on track. It was one of those rare moments where I felt that the author understood me and what I was going through at the time. It helped me identify the things in my environment that were contributing to my creative block and source of anguish. It provided me with some tools to start clearing them out.

How did studying this book improved my creativity ?

Funny enough, the first time reading it, I didn't even go through the entire book. I didn't need to. I was going through a lot of changes as a result of doing some inner work. So I guess at the time, I just needed to be aware of what was surrounding me. I was able to start identifying was was contributing to my creative life and was was depleting it. This awareness triggered some positive changes.

The second time around, I went a little deeper and even noticed the improvement in my creativity. I was more productive creatively and was starting to do more things out of my comfort zone, taking more risk with my work.

The third time I went through the book, was a great refresher and inspired me to dive in deeper into the creative world. It's not too long after this that I was even able to receive my first award as an artist.

This time around, I feel inspired to create a community around this process and continue to grow creatively along side other creative spirits like yourself. This is what inspired me to start this club, so that you can be more creative too.

This book helped me go from missing sketching and being afraid to paint with acrylic to having my artwork in featured public spaces in Toronto, winning my first award as an artist and ... much more.

So in the next couple weeks, I'll be starting a 12-month workshop around the teachings of this book as well as regular artist dates sessions and debriefs. If you'd like to join, send me a message to received the announcement email.

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