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Maria Nikolakakou
Maria NikolakakouPublished on October 20, 2022

Hello everyone,

A lot of changes are happening in my life and in the world and that can take a toll on a highly sensitive person. Who can relate to a general feeling of overwhelm during these past few weeks?

The best thing for us to do is prioritize self-care, relaxation and quiet time to recharge often or else we can feel stressed and overwhelmed. This is exactly what I talked about on my stress detox post below. At the end of the day, we can only control ourselves, not external circumstances.

Like I said in a recent video I uploaded on my Instagram and Tik Tok accounts, each one of us is called to face, accept and integrate their shadow side during this time. It's the only way of moving forward.

I've also uploaded an amazing nutrient-dense recipe, ideal for hormone and nutrient balance among people who have experienced chronic stress. Chronic stress can cause multiple nutrient deficiencies, which I discuss in another post where I am giving you useful information on how to heal them naturally.

Finally, I made a list of natural products that will benefit HSP, people with hormonal imbalances and overall people who care about natural health. It's not just about the food we eat, there are many products we use daily that contain a bunch of synthetic substances that can make our system go haywire in the longterm.

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Everything is playing out how it is supposed to. Trust the process :)

Sending you lots of love and healing,

Maria Nikolakakou, M.Sc.A.

Holistic Nutrition and Spirituality Coach

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