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Why Morning Routines Are The Best

Mariana Suchodolski
Mariana SuchodolskiPublished on February 11, 2021

When I was younger I hated mornings. I stumbled out of bed, and slugged my way to school just in time for class. No breakfast, no enthusiasm, no time to actually prepare for the day ahead. Granted, my mornings started at 6:30am—a time where no human below the age of 65 actually wants to be awake. Thankfully those days are over. Starting work around 10:30am means I can wake up at 9:00 and take my time. So here's what I've been doing to prep for the day. Every morning start the day with a big gulp of water. It's a kind way to wake up my digestive system. I made myself a nice cup of coffee, no not an espresso pod. I take the time to actually brew my coffee and it smells amazing. I set up my plate with fruit, cereal, or toast and I take it to a nice corner at home. When it's nice I'll eat outside, when it's raining I'll bring it close to the window so that I can look out at the world as I eat.

While I'm eating I journal a few thoughts. Whatever comes to mind. Dreams, excitements, anxieties. It's all free form. And after journaling, if I still have time I'll try to squeeze in a short meditation. Sometimes I'll use insight timer, must most times I'll just sit with open awareness to whatever comes up. This gets my internal world in check before I'm bombarded with slack messages, emails, and terrifying news.

If you're taking your mornings for granted, then try setting up a morning routine that works for you for at least a week. I guarantee that once you grow into that habit it'll be hard to let go of it.

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