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Makes A Lot Of Scents

Octavia Covington
Columbus, OH, USA

It started with the simple idea of mixing fragrances to create scents that would awaken your every desire. Everyone has an idea of what their dream job is and where they see themselves in life, and we do everything in our power to reach those goals. But sometimes, life has a way of showing you where you are supposed to be. I’ve been in the veterinarian field as a technician for over ten years, and it was all I knew. After having my first child, my daughter became my reason for everything. But along this new mom journey, I began to neglect my own self-care while taking care of those around me. I realized that my mental health my self-care was not being considered. After a candle gathering with the family that just allowed me to unwind, relax, to be one in my environment, I started thinking I wanted to do this. I love creating scents, and these smell just bring me so much happiness. I wanted, I needed to learn more. I obtained a certificate in aromatherapy and essential oils. I learned how they work, the benefits, and the opportunities available. I started with just candles and quickly grew into more as I studied the many uses that I could provide with them. My goal now is to continue to provide a service to those around me that will make you fill great inside and out. Every product is made with you in mind and created with love and passion put inside. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer and share the experience with others.

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