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Ellen Daehnick
Denver, CO, USA

Makernomics brings practical profitability to maker businesses. So many makers have big passion for bringing their creations to the world, but struggle to make a profit - or even a living - when they do. They try to address that profit gap by selling more products and working harder to fulfill those orders, but are stumped by why they still don't take home money.

After years of helping startup maker businesses with the same issues, Ellen Daehnick created Makernomics as a realistic, do-able way to build in profit to maker businesses, whether the maker is a "numbers person" or not. By getting a real understanding of key costs and pricing options, makers can give their businesses the ability to be profitiable, at whatever sales volume they are currently generate.

Ellen Daehnick founded Helliemae's Caramels when she couldn't find the fresh, creamy caramels she craved. Helliemae's is available online at and in stores in 27 states. Before Helliemae's, Ellen was in tech (Oracle/Sun) and management consulting (McKinsey & Co). She holds a BA from Rice University and an MBA from Columbia University. Ellen lives in Denver's Sunnyside neighborhood with her husband, Chris, and their giant schnauzer, Whiskey.

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