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Luxe and Little Luxury Odour Neutralizing Soy Candles

Delight Greenidge
Mississauga, ON, Canada

The first candle, which is our Original Scent, was created after I attended a backyard BBQ where the scents in the air were intense. Perfumes, colognes, dogs, smoke, meats, and veggies are all in the same air space. I was almost nauseated because there were so much different smells. I walked quickly through the house and headed for the backyard. Driving home, I kept thinking, there must be a way for me to take those smells away with a candle. (I was already an avid candle user).

I started making and testing. I got better over time. It took more than 18 months to get it to work perfectly. Then I got a science professor to validate my methodology. He loved it. I was ready to test with random people and get a business started. I found people online and randomly sent them a candle to remove one of their pains, pet odors, food odors, or smoke odors. They were only required to provide an honest review. 90% of them loved it! I remembered how excited I was when the reviews came in. That's still what keeps me motivated today, customer emails and messages telling us how they love the smell and it works for the purpose they ordered them for.

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