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Jessica Sintra
Jessica SintraPublished on May 30, 2021

Olá! I’m Jessica from Silves, Portugal - I’m super excited to welcome you to Lusocamp. I’m an unofficial ambassador of the European Portuguese language and culture! 🇵🇹

Like most Port wine, I was born and raised in Portugal, and when I matured, I went to explore international waters and surrounded myself with people from all around the world.

I live in Portugal with my Turkish boyfriend, who speaks Portuguese with Brazilian pronunciation but who is the king of European Portuguese expressions! He loves the free language lessons, and I love his jokes. 🥰

I live for those “Aha!” moments when my students get what is being said in their everyday life, unlock the “R” sound and have a flowy conversation with natives. When they share that Portugal is starting to feel like home, I feel in heaven. Their wins are my wins!

Helping people entering the Flow of Portugal is what gets me excited, so if you’re interested in learning European Portuguese and get to know more about Portugal’s culture and lifestyle, then get in touch and sign up for my mailing list - I’ll be sharing some great tips, tricks and future services that I hope you’ll love.

Abraço da tua nova amiga “portuguesa de gema” 🤗

Jessica Sintra

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