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Is consistency the key to fluency?

Jessica Sintra
Jessica SintraPublished on June 14, 2021

Is consistency the key to unlocking fluency? Wait! I have heard that I need to go hard on intensity, full cultural immersion and I can get there in 3 months. 

A very good friend of mine, let’s call him K, came to Lisbon in 2017. He was thrilled to get to know the Portuguese people and culture when I met him that year on a warm September evening.

Our conversation was all in English and I thought that he was like most digital nomads and foreigners enjoying a season in Portugal with no desire to learn European Portuguese.

If there’s something you should know about K is that he is a US military man that changed his life in 2008, went to China and learned Mandarin. With this limited data, I thought this guy can do and learn whatever he wants! 

Fast Forward 5 years, after many dinners, movie nights and OutJazz picnics in Estrela Park I asked him why he didn't learn European Portuguese and he told me a little bit about his story in my native language.

When he came to Lisbon back in 2017 he did an intensive 1-month program, 5 days per week, 4 hours per day and for him it was exhausting and an endeavour with a reasonable investment and little return.

As a European Portuguese teacher, his testimonial made me think about how the lack of a balanced strategy and consistency can hold so many people back from learning their target language.

So if in anyways you resonate with K’s story let me know. I would love to hear all about your journey in pursuit of the European Portuguese fluency. 

Additionally, I decided to create a FREE 31 Day Accountability Consistency Group to help those who are looking for a way to improve their language learning!

Why should you join? 

• An easy and simple system that aims to keep you on track without being overwhelming.

• Ongoing motivation, support and a safe environment to flourish.

• You can do it if you are self-learning or if you are enrolled in other programs. It doesn’t matter where you get your classes and materials. This 31-day challenge is really just focused on getting you to a good consistency grove and habit development.

• The group will be managed by myself, an experienced and previous online community manager of the project The Flow School from the Mimic Method (language school).

More info

Keep on flowing! ☀️🇵🇹

- Jessica Sintra

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