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Love The Chans

Mirfie Chan
New York, NY, USA

Love, The Chans is a love letter to everyone we share this heritage rich spinning globe with.

We’re in the business of nurturing wonder and expanding world views through real, accessible experiences. This isn’t just talking about cultural diversity - it’s living it. We’re serving up the liveliness, color, and sparkle of the world to make joyful, intentional and inclusive experiences as natural as the air we breathe, no matter how much (or how little) you travel.

Whether you feel like a curious wandering spirit, a homebody dreaming of far-flung destinations, or a born and bred citizen of the world, we want you to be more awestruck, and yet more at home than ever before.

There’s a big wide world to explore out there. Join us on the journey.


The Chans

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