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Something *NEW* + which subscription plan is best for you?

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LK NutritionPublished on November 27, 2022

Whether you are interested in learning how to intuitively eat, in recovery from an eating disorder or a professional looking to learn more about either of these topics, we have a subscription plan perfect for you! Read on for exclusive Black Friday discounts that end December 1st at midnight!

Ditch the Diets nutrition subscription: includes monthly newsletters, live/recorded presentations, podcasts, handouts, self-paced activities and more!

Ideal for: Individuals in recovery from disordered eating/eating disorder or those looking to build a healthier relationship with food/exercise/body, intuitive eaters and professionals looking for resources for themselves/to give their clients.

Cost: Normally, $15/month, use code BLACKFRIDAY10 to make it only $5/month for the first 3 months!

*NEW* Professional mentorship subscription: this plan is specifically designed for professionals working with or wanting to work with clients with eating disorders, disordered eating, and intuitive eating. Includes 2-3 hours of new, self-paced content/month to help increase confidence and understanding of eating disorders and gentle, intuitive nutrition. Also includes select content from our "Ditch the Diets" subscriptions. 

Ideal for: dietitians, therapists, medical providers and students alike!

Cost: Normally $35/month, use code BLACKFRIDAY10P to get $10 off your first 3 months (just $25/month)!

Professional mentorship + 1:1 nutrition supervision: includes all the perks of our basic professional membership, plus 1:1 supervision for dietitians 1X/month for 60 minutes via Zoom. This is a step above our basic plan for those wanting access to individualized time with us.

Ideal for: this plan is specifically designed for dietitians, nutritionists and nutrition students. Other specialities (therapists, medical providers, etc.) will benefit most from our basic plan (above).

Cost: Normally $159/month, use code BLACKFRIDAY100 to get $100 off for your first 3 months. A savings of $300! Our biggest of them all!

Still not sure? Feel free to email us at We would love to help you find the best plan for you!

LK Nutrition LLC Subscription Plans

Ditch the Diets Nutrition Plan

$15 /month

Eating Disorder Professionals

$35 /month

Eating Disorder Professionals + 1:1 Nutrition Supervision

$159 /month

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