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Tulip Facts

Kit  and Casey
Kit and CaseyPublished on May 31, 2022

Five Facts About Tulips

Tulip Fact 1: Did you know that after tulips are cut and added to a vase, they can grow up to five inches?

We teach kids how to design the right way with each type of flower so they know what to expect as the flower "matures" in a vase or container.

Tulip Fact 2: Did you know one of the flowers featured in Minecraft is a tulip?

That's right! There are other fun flowers in Minecraft including blue orchids!

Tulip Fact 3: Did you know that tulips are planted from bulbs in the fall so they bloom in the spring, but we can get them all year long?

The floral industry grows tulips year-round in greenhouses, so we can find them in our markets anytime of the year...not just in the spring!

Tulip Fact 4: The color range of tulips include white, cream, yellows, oranges, reds, pinks lilac, mauve, purple, bi-colors and doubles.

Bi-color tulips have two colors on their petals. For example the main petal can be yellow with red tips.

Tulip Fact 5: Buy tulips from the market or grower when the buds are showing color and the leaves are glossy green.

If the buds of the tulips are too green and small, they may not open.

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